New England Memories

Shared through true stories, poetry, and artwork


About New England Memories

Welcome to New England Memories—an online magazine that shares your memories about life in New England through true stories, poetry, and artwork.

New England Memories is like a front porch where families and neighbors gather to tell their stories, both the ordinary and the extraordinary, about living in New England.

The work in this magazine celebrates the best of New England—its people, traditions, and outdoor beauty—through both words and images.

Whether you are a New Englander yourself, or a visitor to the region, we hope you enjoy the memories shared at New England Memories magazine. You can view the current issue here.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, click the Follow button at the bottom right corner of the site, then fill in your email address. New England Memories will not share your email address with any other businesses or individuals. Once you’ve subscribed, you will receive an email notification when new work is published. We currently publish an issue twice a year (spring and fall), so you don’t have to worry about your inbox overflowing.

How to Submit

New England Memories welcomes submissions of true stories, poetry, and artwork about your memories of living in New England. Please read the published work to get an idea of the flavor of the magazine. Then read the Submissions page for details about how to submit your work.

About the Editor

Linda Thomas is a writer, editor, designer, and founder of Pine Siskin Press. She is a co-founder of Smoky Quartz, an online literary magazine published by the Monadnock Writers’ Group. Linda also served as poetry editor and contributing photographer for Shadow and Light—A Literary Anthology on Memory. She holds master’s degrees in writing and education and is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at UCLA.



Front porch photographs by Linda Thomas



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